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Release Date:
Rating: 8.5
Directed by
Scott Derrickson
Written by
Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill
Based on
Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Davies, E. Roger Mitchell, Troy Rudeseal, James Ransone, Miguel Cazarez Mora, Rebecca Clarke, J. Gaven Wilde, Spencer Fitzgerald, Jordan Isaiah White, Brady Ryan
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Crooked Highway
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Ready for the horror movie of the summer? The Black Phone opens on June 24 in theaters throughout Spain, with Ethan Hawke as one of the most gloomy fictional murderers of the year and with Scott Derrickson directing. And from LOS40 Madrid we have a surprise for fans of the genre.

How to watch The Black Phone (2022) Full Movie premieres on Tuesday, May 25.

After The Black Phone like Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and even the first part of Doctor Strange, the Californian director introduces the public to a new and chilling psychopath. In the Denver of the 70s, child disappearances do not stop happening, although everything will change when this criminal plans the kidnapping of Finney, a 13-year-old boy different from the rest. Oddly enough, a black phone will be his greatest ally in order to survive the horrors of his captor.

If you can't wait to be scared, LOS40 Madrid invites you to the preview of the film in the capital. A unique opportunity to enjoy what is new from Derrickson before anyone else, who promises to make more than one jump in his seats throughout the entire footage.

You have from June 17 to 22 to participate, and hurry up! That only the fastest will be the lucky ones to get a double invitation for the event. You can consult the legal bases here.

About Black Phone

Starring the award-winning Ethan Hawke, Black Phone tells the story of A sadistic killer kidnaps shy, intelligent 13-year-old Finney Shaw and locks him in a soundproof basement where his screaming is useless. When a broken and offline phone starts ringing, Finney discovers that through it he can hear the voices of the previous victims, who are determined to prevent Finney from ending up just like them.

Ethan Hawke has proven to be the most chameleon in his career as an actor. He has performed roles in drama, comedy and even debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Moon Knight recently, playing a much-acclaimed cult antagonist.

But if there is a field that seems to dominate especially well, that is the terror. The actor has gone through projects such as Regression, The Purge or the beloved Sinister. Prestigious works, in general, within the genre cinema that has allowed Hawke to carve out a niche for himself among the most prominent artists in this sector.

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Hand in hand with Scott Derrickson, with whom he worked on the aforementioned Sinister, he is preparing to premiere next week in Spain The Black Phone, a film that transmits a special bad vibe with just a few images.

In it Hawke plays a lunatic kidnapper who ends up with his teenage victims in a dark solitary confinement basement. The artist wanted to highlight why it is a better film than Sinister and how the horror elements work within the audiovisual.

Will The Black Phone be one of Derrickson's best movies?

"Making a good horror movie is a lot like solving a geometry problem. There's a math. It has to be simple enough and complicated enough.

People write books about Hitchcock and the timing and the way the cuts work. And they are all matte. Scott is a very stylish filmmaker. I feel like this script is even better than Sinister, and it's more mature cinema. He makes good movies," the actor told SlashFilm.

For Hawke, then, the horror genre is simply summed up in mathematics, translated of course into film language. The better the cuts are made and the better everything is structured on stage, the greater the impact on the viewer.

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It is not easy to reproduce the success of the best genre films, hence Hitchcock is almost unattainable in general, because there are a series of factors that must be aligned. The Black Phone seems to have all of those ingredients, yet another demonstration that Derrickson is one of the best in the field. The premiere of this last film will be on June 24.

Black Phone is a movie that you may not have heard of, but it is already one of the most terrifying releases of the summer. And this video that we bring you exclusively thanks to its producer is a good example. Do you want to meet this character played by the great Ethan Hawke? Inside video!

Ethan Hawke is one of the best actors of his generation; You would see him recently in Moon Knight, playing a very complex villain in terms of personality, but with enormous charisma.

What if we now turn 180 degrees and enjoy Black Phone, a horror movie from Blumhouse Productions that has taken the United States by storm? I assure you that these 30 seconds that you are about to see are just a small appetizer: a small featurette in which Ethan Hawke introduces us to his character.

The movie 'Black Phone', which hits theaters June 24, puts fear in our bodies because of a child murderer. To better digest this twisted film, we have spoken with Juan Enrique Soto, a doctor in Psychology, who helps the Police to solve cases like the one the film tells us about.

Is it possible to come across such a murderer?

In the film, a sadistic killer kidnaps and kills children. In this case, he is the protagonist of a movie that is being released, but can we come across such a character on the street? According to experts, serial criminals exist, but in other countries, with another culture and free weapons license. Of course, unfortunately, human cruelty has no limits or borders. "I who have 25 years of experience in crimes, there are some in which that phrase of reality surpasses fiction is true," says Juan Enrique Soto, doctor in Psychology.

From the seat it is easy to think that we would not fall into the trap, but we leave the cinema and forget the basics: "Don't talk to strangers, don't do certain itineraries alone".

There is more and less science and less fiction when it comes to capturing investigations and the work of police and psychologists on the screen. Nor is it peliculero to think that these traumas are survived. "It is true that a well-handled trauma can even lead to greater strength," says the expert, although fear is much better spent alone in the cinema.

Next Wednesday, June 22, BLACK PHONE will be exhibited for the first time in Spain in a commercial session. The film can be seen in more than 250 cinemas in a single session that will take place simultaneously around 8:00 p.m.

Playing various forms of The Black Phone. These include music

Large exhibition circuits and independent exhibitors have joined this initiative that will allow fans of the genre to enjoy this horror thriller in advance. And among the theaters that will screen it, Multicines Guadalajara could not be missing.

The film, directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange and Sinister) and starring Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), features El Captor, a psychopathic killer who kidnaps a 13-year-old boy. This, in the confinement of him, will begin to receive calls from previous victims of his kidnapper determined that his story does not end in tragedy.

Many times the facts or events of daily life also become dense acts of terror such as the war between Ukraine and Russia with the killing of Ukrainian civilians at the hands of Russian soldiers and the human catastrophe that some images transmitted to us. Terror and everyday life can merge to be a really chilling story that, taken to any artistic expression, can result in something dramatic, entertaining and at the same time thoughtful.

Scott Derrickson had already given us goosebumps with Sinister (2012), which in my opinion could work as a parallel anachronistic prequel to The Black Phone due to the resemblance of the sadistic character played masterfully by Ethan Hawke.

In The Black Phone, Finney Shaw is an introverted boy who begins to experience a cycle of violence when many of his classmates begin to disappear, not sporadically but systematically.

In turn, his family environment does not help to feel less fear or apprehension either: Finney and his sister must overcome the strong physical abuse of his alcoholic father. Finney, being a fearful boy himself, believes that naming the kidnapper's nickname after his friends makes him more likely to suffer the same fate, but he's wrong.

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Based on a short story by Stephen King's son, under the pseudonym Joe Hill, Scott Derrickson writes a screenplay that, in his own words, is the way in which he himself remembers his childhood as a 13-year-old at the end of the seventies, surrounded by a family full of violence and an unsafe neighborhood for kids his age.

The director and screenwriter has said that The Black Phone (The Black Phone) is three things at the same time: a horror movie, a family drama and a ghost story.

Although the film is a well-told horror story, it also works as a drama about how painful it is to grow up and realize that for many maturing is a very painful process.

Traumatic, but also inherent in human life. The feelings brought by childhood trauma manage to put our senses on alert for the rest of life. Many times these save us from dangerous situations by activating the sense of survival, a characteristic that Derrickson highlights a lot in this story.

The Black Phone has an important element that makes its story as real as it is chilling: Ethan Hawke and the childlike performances of Mason Thames (Finney) and Madeleine McGraw (Gwen).

The trio of actors make the viewer interested in their characters to the point of hating the kidnapper and serial killer played by Hawke and feeling anguish for the two teenagers who are actually two children who suffer from the terror of emotional parental abandonment and the circle of violence that they must survive every day, things that have made them a much stronger version of themselves.

Not only the performances make this film something unforgettable as traumatic; its narrative and montage, as well as its vintage texture, create an atmosphere that is always paramount in a horror story.

From the beginning a constant oppression is felt, like a predisposition to tragedy, a bad omen. These sensations, the result of Derrickson's excellent script along with visual and musical elements. They make the viewer not feel safe either from the sorrow, the violence and the insecurity that is seen on the screen, it makes him totally vulnerable.

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That's pretty cool for wanting to tell a horror story by and overstepping the viewers' own safety. And it is that to think that what happens on the screen can happen to you when you leave the cinema at midnight after seeing a horror movie, that is scary.

The Black Phone is the name of the new horror movie that is currently on the billboard and that you cannot miss, as critics already define it as one of the most promising supernatural-themed films of our time.

The film is directed by Scott Derrickson and produced by Jason Blum. In addition, it has a script by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, and it is an adaptation of the homonymous story by Joe Hill.

Horror, dark fantasy and science fiction writer, also known for being one of the two sons of the famous writer Stephen King, creator of some of the most disturbing works in the horror and science fiction genre.

Like his father, Joe Hill has dedicated a large part of his career to the horror genre and on this occasion, he was a source of inspiration for the movie The Black Phone.

What is The Black Phone about?

The story of the story, like that of the film, focuses on a city in Colorado, in the United States, during the seventies. In this context, a man with a mask kidnaps Finney Shaw, a shy and intelligent 13-year-old boy.

He then locks him in a soundless basement where his screams are of no use. The only form of communication Finney has is a broken, offline phone that starts ringing and allows him to hear the voices of the masked guy's previous victims. With this, the protagonist's opportunity to escape his fatal fate begins.

Another element that draws a lot of attention from viewers of The Black Phone is its crew. And it is that in this movie we finally see the return of director Scott Derrickson to horror movies, after his time in the Marvel universe, in which he masterfully directed Doctor Strange.

Sorcerer Supreme, prequel to Sam Raimi's most recent film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Other Scott Derrickson horror films are The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and Sinister (2012). Curiously, several people are repeated from the Sinister team: script by C. Robert Cargill, production by Jason Blum and the leading role of actor Ethan Hawke.

It also highlights the theme of the film The Black Phone, because by having a child as the protagonist, viewers do not stop remembering the dark side of childhood and the terrors we feel at that stage of life.

Something that we have seen frequently in horror movies and that now has another perspective, because the protagonist is very aware that since he is not the first victim of this type of kidnapping, his chances of surviving it are very low.

For this reason, the film is more sustained by tension and suspense than by jumps or unexpected scares, as sometimes happens in this genre.

Ethan Hawke, whose style we have seen evolve over time, is the main actor in this film and there is already talk of how sinister his interpretation was, as he embodies a monster that always seems to be about to explode with terrible consequences for those who see it. surround.

In addition, the constant presence of him with masks causes a terrifying and mysterious energy to emanate, added to the potential violence that is always present and that makes him a threat that will be difficult to detach from.

Where to see The Black Phone?

The film is currently in theaters, so you can find it in different movie theaters that include Cinemex and Cinépolis complexes.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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